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How we do it

1. Project Vision

First, we discuss the project to understand business needs, objectives and basic requirements. If you already have any project documentation in place, our analysts will go through it to estimate the required budget and time frame.

2. Technology consulting

If you do not have any technology preferences, or have any concerns with the currently employed ones, we will provide guidance for choosing the right technology mix for the project.

3. Business analysis and IA

From the earliest project stages we foster accurate vision and knowledge acquisition carrying out functional analysis, business process and data flow design to create the most open and scalable architecture enabling high application performance, scalability and extensibility.

4. User Experience

We pay a lot of attention to UI design and usability, which are realized through comprehensive prototyping and usability tests.

5. Quality Assurance

An essential step in any software development routine, our QA and testing processes are built in accordance with the internationally accepted QA standards and practices, supported with advanced testing tools to ensure the highest quality application delivery

6. Development

We ensure web development seamlessness, continuity, and transparency across the entire SDLC — enabling better control and visibility into the workflow — by combining best-suited project development methodologies and techniques with relevant project management tools and domain expertise to deliver quality end-to-end web solutions.

7. Deployment

As soon as development works are completed, our team deploy the application developed either to a production or to a test environment to make it available for the designated use or final pre-launch capabilities testing.

8. Integration

The operation of a functionally rich web application often depends on its interoperability with online services and data sources. When required, our team carries out seamless integration with third-party software / web services (popular social networks, payment gateways, online data sources, SaaS APIs, etc.)

9. Maintenance & Support

We provide continuous support and maintenance for the applications delivered. We offer corrective, adaptive and scheduled maintenance and 2-nd and 3-d level support services.

10. Continuous Improvement

We also provide 4-level support and software enhancements to complete application refactoring with no interruptions into the running business process.

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Web design

We utilize a highly transparent iterative approach that allows achieving better usability results and increasing application productivity. The following 4 phases describe how we handle UI design tasks within the development process:

Requirements and Conceptual Design
We deliver user-centered UI design paying great attention to the analysis of user stories and business scenarios, highlighting target user groups and identification of critical success factors.
At this stage we develop data models, entity relationship schemes and workflow diagrams to eliminate possible vision gaps and serve as guidelines for further project stages.
UI prototyping and IA
Depending on the business goals, functional scope and complexity level of the project We delivers a number of prototype and IA artifacts:
  • Sitemap.
  • Static mockups.
  • Clickable wireframes.
  • Fully designed prototypes.
Usability and UI Testing
We execute business scenarios and use cases to detect interface issues or inconsistencies that distract and mislead users from arriving at their goals.
Visual design
We always keep in mind that visual design is a vital tool to increase usability by fastening interface learning, memorability and consistency, and provide additional value to the application making its usage enjoyable. Our graphic design team works in close collaboration with analysts and usability testers, providing high quality results.

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Web application development

What do we call a successful web application? There are four major parameters to be considered. First, the application must accurately, stably and productively fulfill its business function. Second, the app must be easy and cost-effective to maintain. Third, it must deliver positive user experience. And, most importantly, it should have a reasonable price — so that the benefits you receive are worth the expenses incurred, or, in other words, you should get an acceptable ROI.
To satisfy the above requirements a developer shall possess relevant knowledge and skills , as well as appropriate development process maturity level. We combine 3 major competency vectors to ensure completeness of vision and ability to execute for every project:

  • Technology competency
  • Domain competency
  • Industry competency
Our passion is technology competency, the other two vectors is yours. Yet we can provide resources who can help you in the other two vectors.
Driven by the idea of uniting the 3 components mentioned above, we identify the major areas that enable time-saving and cost-effective web application development — the ability to execute the project depending on its technology and business process complexity.

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It makes no sense any more to discuss what benefits online presence provides to your business. It is now about understanding the “competitive disadvantage” of not giving a customer an opportunity to search, compare and order online.
We focus on interactive, highly functional tailored solution development for marketplaces , billing systems, payment processing and web stores.
We offer agile development approach and short time to market for new web stores or redesign & refactoring of existing ones.

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Search engines optimization

SEO simply cannot be ignored, we understand what it takes to get a website ranking well. On site and off site SEO are two distinct parts that are fundamental to ranking in the search engines. We offer a range of services that are designed to get you results.

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Mobile applications development

We help businesses establish mobile access to functionality and data provided by their back-end software. We deliver native mobile applications seamlessly connected to an online service, corporate business application or informational online resource.
We help both established businesses and ambitious startups uncover the benefits of new mobile user experience
We offer two types of services for those who look for fast and cost-effective presentation on mobile devices.

  • Designing and optimizing websites for mobile browsing
  • Mobile HTML5 applications with native-like user experience
Our main focus is on Android and iOS, though we can provide services for other platform like Windows mobile and BlackBerry.

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VOIP Services

Our ability to quickly design and implement tailored systems backed by responsive support from our knowledgeable technicians sets us apart. We work directly with the customer to deliver an innovative, high quality, cost-effective solution to enhance operational efficiency, improve performance and optimize customer service.
Our VOIP services are based on Asterisk platform and they cover but not limited to:

  • VOIP Provider
  • Contacts and call centers
  • IVR
  • Advanced calls routing
  • E-Fax
  • Call recordings
  • Billing system
  • CRM integration
  • PBXs

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